Most Advanced Rotator System of Any TrafficWave Team!

Team BaC Rotators!

Team BaC has the fastest and most advanced rotator system of any TrafficWave team.


Our rotators are so complex that even our rotators have rotators!

(nope, I'm not kidding!)

Here's how they work...

When a member first signs up, they are placed on rotator 1 until they get their first paid TrafficWave referral.

Then they advance to rotator 2 until they get their second paid referral.

Then they advance to rotator 3 until they get their third paid referral.

Then they advance to rotator 4 until they get their fourth paid referral.

(anyone who can do simple arithmetic knows that it takes four to be free)

Once the member has four paid TrafficWave referrals, they move on to the advanced rotator system.  I'll get to that next.  But first...

Members who are on rotator 1, 2, 3 or 4 only promote the one rotator that they are on.  Therefore, they NEVER spend any of their time and effort promoting for people who have already gotten more paid sign-ups than themselves.  In addition, members on these rotators ONLY promote TrafficWave, thereby increasing the speed at which they get paid referrals!

Now onto the advanced rotator system...

Once you are on the advanced rotators, you have the ability to earn extra exposure by getting onto either of our two bonus rotators.  In fact, you can get onto both of these bonus rotators at the same time!  And it's simple.  Just continue to do what you will already be doing: promoting Team BaC!

In order to give new members an added boost, founders promote rotators 1-4 50% of the time and advanced rotator members promote rotators 1-4 25% of the time.  So, let's say that, including you, there are only 25 people on rotator 4.  You do not have to worry about not getting decent exposure, because you are being promoted by the rest of the team (excluding those on rotators 1-3)!

Now, above, I mentioned that, when you join Team BaC, you go onto rotator 1.  That is assuming that you're coming in with zero paid referrals.  When you join, the application form asks how many paid TrafficWave referrals you currently have.  The number that you enter into that field determines what rotator you start on.  So, for example, if you have 1 paid referral already, you would start on rotator 2.

Advancing through our rotator system is easy.  Every time that you get a paid referral, just log into your account and update the number in your profile.  You will immediately be placed on the next rotator!

Read enough?  Ready to join Team BaC?  Click here to join for free!