Most Advanced Rotator System of Any TrafficWave Team!

Experience Team BaC!


My name is Geoffrey Williams and I want to introduce you to the newest and most advanced TrafficWave team in existence; Team BaC.

I understand that there are a lot of TrafficWave teams for you to choose from, so I want to thank you for taking your time to look into Team BaC.

Team BaC's concept is simple; we want to teach you to use tools to grow your own business.  When you KNOW the tools that you promote, you stand to earn more profits and commissions and your business will grow much faster.  That is why we don't pressure you into upgrading as soon as you join a program through us.

Take your time.  Take advantage of free trials.  As your sponsor, I will help you get to know the programs that you join under me.  Then, when you are ready, upgrade your account.  I'll personally contact our leader, David Smith, and have him place you on our first rotator.

So, why Team BaC?

We have a lot of tools that are 100% free for our members, such as custom tracking links, a member-to-member mailer and detailed on-site statistics.

As a Team BaC member, you can create as many tracking links as you want.  So each website, thankyou page, follow-up message, etc. that you promote on could have its own tracking link.  In addition, each link can have up to three custom tags, allowing you to create very specific campaigns.

Every click that you send to us is stored in our database.  If you used a custom tracking link to send a click, your custom tags will also be stored with that click.  If the link went to one of the team's squeeze pages, the form submission and email confirmation are stored, as well.  So you can get some serious statistics and really see what campaigns and traffic sources are working best for you!

Members are allowed to email their team upline, as well as their program sponsor (if different) once a day to request help and each member in their team downline once a week to offer help.

Okay.  At the top of this page is the very bold statement that Team BaC has the best, fastest and most advanced rotators of any TrafficWave team.  I'm not going to go into details about that here, but you can click here to read about our rotators.

If you have read enough and just can't wait to get started, click here to join Team BaC.



 - Geoffrey